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You have come to the right place if you’re looking for coupon code and discount code for their subscriptions because many online video marketers are looking for ways to let their target customers to see the commercial videos or new product introduction as well as the new company concepts through video sharing website. However, they have found out later that the audiences are out of the target and thus looking for the right points to go for. That’s why they are all trying to subscribe with and there have been many business owners who have joined for both free subscription and paid ones on Plus and Pro package. Now, the point is that, all users are not educated about the reason they need to pay for Vimeo subscription and when they did, they try to find the way to get the best price for Vimeo Plus and Vimeo Pro package by using coupon code. Then, has gathered all those codes here of which very easy to use.  Also, we would like to offer VSEO, the way you can optimize your video online through search engine

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The coupon code is considered the discount code of which can only be used at and the main point is to help to reduce the pricing for both packages. From the past record, we can see that there are various types of discount codes since from the past that offer subscribers or those want to upgrade their account from basic to either plus or pro. The discount ranges from 10%, 15%, 20%, and some discount code goes for $50 off the yearly plan. In order to see all available discount, reveal them all.




Vimeo Packages

Of course, has been providing users with free account and with the upgrade account, they will be able to do more with their videos. That’s why we would like to present the packages and subscriptions that are available in

  • Vimeo PLUS+ Membership – Includes 10x more storage space, faster uploading, unlimited HD videos, and more! Automatically renewed each month and this is a $9.95 per month or $59.95 per year. This package allows customers to save HALF the plus membership type or about 50% off
  • Vimeo PRO Membership – Includes 50GB storage space, 250,000 plays, unlimited HD videos, custom portfolio sites, and more! In this option, customers need to handle the payment per year but they can also have Pro add-ons such as Additional 50GB storage and Additional 100k video plays that requires $199 more in each option.

Youtube VS Vimeo VS Facebook

So, there are 3 major video social network that many people have known about, and we want to let the readers know the positive and negative of each of them., it is just like the wild west cowboy and we have the reasons for this., it allows people to post their videos freely with out of control, nasty, and rated comments. However, with frankly speaking, has the biggest audience, versatile as a user or the company can create their own channel which is really a good thing and the example of this is that people can insert their logos in the layout as well as modifying the layout, no daily or weekly maximum upload or whatsoever that you can actually put your video inside google server.

For weaknesses, of course has its weaknesses of its own of which is really difficult to control. The first one is the market reputation, because people can share the video freely, making comment regardless of the ages, the censor, and without control. This has made Youtube reputation in the down side market. Another weakness is the limitation in uploading video, many users are restricted from uploading the video more than 15 minutes length even though it has been improved for a certain level, limitation of uploading videos creating more works to be done at the user’s side in cutting the videos and whatsoever. The last one is the nasty comments, we can see every day that the nasty comments are posted and if it is the public video streaming, there will be no one to monitor.

Think of Vimeo, analogizing it as a guy who is kind of taking care of himself well starting from the look, the appearance, the wording, the gesture, and everything nice. Vimeo is beautiful and there are various advantages for a person and most like for the company to start using The advantages are firstly the clean, attractive, modern looks of the interface, the video and everything. Vimeo has been constructed as if it is the good guy from the north that has the saint look and so very clean and straight for users and the companies who want to promote their product in this video database. Another good point for is the constructive community. This means that, everything including comments, user’s profile, and etc have been filtered and there are only good guys in there. Lastly, the video in Vimeo is quite useful and educative even though most of them are commercial videos.

When there are advantages, disadvantages could also be found also, Vimeo allows 1 HD upload per account. This limitation doesn’t really hurt much, at the matter fact, the business can upgrade their account to a bigger one to be able to be allowed to upload more HD video. When the community in Vimeo is filtered , then the smaller audience is the problem. Comparing to, Vimeo has its smaller audience and thus the video might have smaller impressions. However, think in another way around, the company can embed their Vimeo videos in the page of other websites that has higher traffic. Lastly for the disadvantage of Vimeo, users can’t do much customization on their interface or their profile. Thus, this will be lacked of dynamic and people might lose their interest in the end. However, up until present, Vimeo allows more customization on the user’s interface and this keeps improving over time.

Then, we have, facebook video is really good for people who love to have lesser effort in uploading video! This means it is perfect for lazy people because the uploading video process is very simple and very easy to learn. Next is the upload limit, facebook only allows 1GB of video to be uploaded into the server and it is quite huge comparing to other video uploading platform. The video uploading features a 20 minutes long and so it is quite ok for video length. The video quality isn’t bad at all, Facebook video quality is still rating very high comparing to and and it is totally depended on the resolutions too.

The disadvantages for Facebook is that the video is an add-on service that Facebook is trying to offer for every users, by this, it is not the focus point of the website where users are firstly introduced with. started its website as the social network site and thus it is not mainly for video uploading. Coming to the customization, video uploads do not provide any customization for the users. The upload requires only basic information of the video and it is thus, lack of dynamic. The last point is that reach for the people and the viewers. Facebook video, once uploaded, could only be seen by friends and those in the list. The viewers are thus, lesser than in


In 2004, Vimeo was founded by a group of filmmakers who wanted to share their creative work and personal moments from their lives. As time went on, likeminded people discovered Vimeo and helped build a supportive community of individuals with a wide range of passions. Today, millions of people from all around the world enjoy Vimeo, and we’re growing bigger every day.

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