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It is one of the cheapest and the lowest price which is affordable to anyone,  the Virgin Mobile Awe or formerly ZTE Awe with Unlimited Prepaid Awe – No Contract  (Beyond Talk Plan). The unlimited Awe Plans and it is the best smartphone phone with mid-range price, it has just launched today and the Virgin mobile Awe could be one of your choices today. Also, if you’re going to purchase the AWE, and if it is right for you and we also have some promotions from Virgin Mobile USA. Today, Virgin Mobile USA is releasing, for the first time, the Virgin Mobile Awe that has become its own brand for those don’t want to touch a higher price smartphone with expensive plans and with 2-years contract from the post-paid service. The price of Virgin Mobile Awe is so awesome since it can be purchased for $99 without using any Virgin Mobile USA promo code. The normal price of Awe has been set at $99 which is very low, but with discount applied in the shopping cart, customers might be able to get it cheaper when purchase through online at However, this pricing is for web exclusive only and this must be purchased online.

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not all cheap phones works like expensive ones
Sep 10, 2013 by Anonymous

Impress with the feature and especially the 5MP cam!

First one to get it!
Sep 10, 2013 by Anonymous

love to try new one, the AWE isn't that expensive, worth to try!

Cheap Smartphones but works like expensive
Sep 08, 2013 by Anonymous

Not all cheap smartphones would work like this. It is just like Galaxy Ring California Mountain View CA, 94043 USA 5.0 5.0 3 3 Impress with the feature and especially the 5MP cam!

The smartphone comes with very low price with full functionality worth for purchase and the majority of the reasons is not the pricing. If this smartphone is going to get very popular, then, it is because the Virgin Mobile Beyond Talk Plan that cost only $55 per month maximum. The Awe comes with 3G network which is fast enough for downloading and uploading and it works fine when you wish to use for sending and receiving emails. One incredible feature for Virgin Mobile Awe is the back camera that allows the users to use it to record video and take picture with OK quality since it is the 5MP camera! The camera at the front also works well for 1MP and it works ok when taking picture around the environment that has enough lighting. One of the most exciting features on this Virgin Mobile Awe is the stereo Bluetooth that enable wireless answering and calling feature. The Bluetooth version is not old because it comes with 4.0 Stereo Bluetooth which is fast and drain lesser batteries. The Swipe Text Input feature has also come with this smartphone which is pretty much the same as Samsung Galaxy Ring. Now, let’s take a good look with the internal hardware and operating system before deciding to really buy it.

beyond talk unlimited

beyond talk unlimited plan

Virgin Mobile Awe runs by Android 4.1 or Jelly Bean, it doesn’t run that smooth all time especially when we turned on several applications at the same time. The phone is big enough to see beautiful screen which is comparable to many Samsung phone (but with pretty much lower price). The 4 inches screen makes it look better and everything couldn’t be displayed without having a good 1.2 GHz processor. Overall, Virgin Mobile Awe is awesome enough to go for with this kind of pricing.

Does It have to be expensive Smartphone?

Usability of a smartphone is the most important quality of any phone rather than the design. It doesn’t matter how good a feature is if the users don’t know how to get to it or can’t figure out how to use it. In the cutthroat environment of the mobile app market, users almost always have alternatives. If a smartphone doesn’t feel right or if users can’t figure out how to use the main tasks of the phone, they will very often uninstall it without giving it a second chance. The user interface is users use and view your app. Everything that lies beyond is reflected in the user interface. If your killer feature provides the next generation

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