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Product: MIFI OverDrive Pro 4G Mobile Hotspot 3G/4G
Price: $119.99
Reviews: 3.7/5.0
Promo Code: None

It has been quite sometimes and it has been almost a year for OverDrive Pro 3G/4G dancing in the hotspot connection market. Because of its great reputation and it works great with wi-fi connectivity, that’s why we can see it feature in VirginMobileUSA store today. The 4G on the fly feature of OverDrive Pro 4G Mobile Hotspot can be said that even though the device has been released for almost a year, but the technology equipped with it is still ahead of other wifi hotspot devices. The ability for the users to connect various laptop computers, iPhone, and whatever devices to OverDrive Pro 4G Mobile Hotspot is excellent because it could receive 4G on the fly signal with dual mode. Unlike other wifi hotspot device, OverDrive Pro 4G has its hidden 1.7” LCD display to show status of the network, the number of devices connected to it (up to 5 devices) and so the users would be able to know of what’s going on with the network issue. As a result, the connectivity speed of OverDrive Pro 4G is brilliant making it easier to use with portability feature because the size of it is even smaller than human palm.

The Pros: Talking about the Virgin Mobile USA Promotions on OverDrive Pro 4G Mobile Hotspot 3G/4G, the price is right and everyone can go for. This device starts at $119.99 only (The price used to be $149.99 Check 4G on the fly promotion) and we believe that it is affordable for everyone who’s looking for a nice, durable, and portable mobile hotspot like this. Not only the price is right, but the monthly plans from Virgin Mobile USA is great too, subscribers can take advantage of the BROADBAND2GO plan provided by Virgin Mobile and the cost of this is maximum at $55 per month with 5GB of data transfer limit for 3G connection but on the other hands, the 4G data transfer is unlimited! Besides, OverDrive Pro 4G Mobile Hotspot 3G/4G has received great reviews from many websites even from as well as users comments.

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The Cons: There are only 2 disadvantages of using OverDrive Pro 4G Mobile Hotspot 3G/4G, that is firstly, the 4G connections are not available everywhere, some places in the distance area are not even having 3G and most places that has 3G aren’t available with 4G just yet. That’s why the BROADBAND2GO can be depleted with data transfer limitation in no time. Another thing is that, the 4G connection, once started, it could consume the battery life like the rain pouring out from the sky. The battery life of an unplugged OverDrive Pro 4G Mobile Hotspot 3G/4G would be very short.

Buying from Sprint or Virgin Mobile?

Of course we have heard about Sierra Wireless Overdrive Pro 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot from as well, and now it is another one at If we are to compare the 2 devices, the functionality is the same, the usage is the same, and everything is the same because OverDrive Pro 4G Mobile Hotspot 3G/4G has been manufactured from the same factory. But what differences are, the plan and the contract from If the subscriber loves the way to use OverDrive Pro 4G Mobile Hotspot 3G/4G with no string attached, they should go for Virgin Mobile, however, they could be limited by the data transfer and they need to handle $119.99 cost for the device while sprint subscriber could only pay very little and as low as $49 per month (without payment on the Sierra Wireless OverDrive Pro). Customers would also need to handle the cost of monthly data transfer at up to $79.99 for 12GB transfer which is not limited to 3G or 4G connection. It’s now your choice to make because the choice isn’t too hard to try.

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