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The Supreme from ZTE has been released today at Virgin Mobile and it has been named as Virgin Mobile Supreme. The opening price of Virgin Mobile Supreme is not yet with discount promotion nor coming together with Virgin Mobile Promo Code with $299.99 without any contract but it has been reinforced with strong virgin mobile plan “the Beyond Talk monthly unlimited data and messaging”. Virgin Mobile Supreme looks great in any point of view and the most attractive point of purchase is the 5 inches screen that is “enough” for playing games, watching streaming videos, movies, and even watch sports game in there. The hardware specification is high enough to run everything smooth, the camera works great with 13MP and the price is not so bad. The only thing we want everyone to wait for is the discount and promotion for this Virgin Mobile Supreme ZTE manufactured. However, you can also check it out every time visiting this page whether we have the new promo codes or coupon and even promotional discount for Virgin Mobile Supreme.

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Coupon for VM Supreme
Nov 06, 2013 by Anonymous
Did The Coupon Work For You?: No 

Coupon no longer works. I think VM had it for $100 off last week, but not today.

Good Price to start
Sep 13, 2013 by Anonymous

this ZTE Virgin Mobile Supreme has got what it should and they're all what I need with reasonable price

It should be working good
Sep 13, 2013 by Anonymous

Ordered from Virgin Mobile today, hopefully I would love it California Mountain View CA, 94043 USA 3.0 4.0 3 3 Coupon no longer works. I think VM had it for $100 off last week, but not today.
Reviews & Previews

virgin mobile supreme discount

A 5” inches smartphone is not easily to be found in the market, for 5 inches phone available, they might not be as good as it should be since most of them are from the non-branded smartphone manufacturers.
Today, we have the latest smartphone that has just been released today with the supreme quality and it is “The Supreme” by Virgin Mobile. Some might be hesitating with the quality and performance of Virgin Mobile Supreme because this smartphone is branded after Virgin Mobile, but at the matter of fact, it takes a lot of guts for Virgin Mobile to pick one smartphone from ZTE to stamp its brand on this smartphone. If the smartphone is not going to be working as it should be, we believe that Virgin Mobile won’t be able to adopt this one to ruin its wireless communication image for certainly. This smartphone has been produced by ZTE, the national’s favorite smartphone brand that works on Android operation system. Today, we’re going to drill down a bit about this smartphone at

The Look

zte virgin mobile supreme front

zte virgin mobile supreme front

Not many smartphones from the national brands are being called “ Virgin Mobile + brand “, but it has to be something that this ZTE Supreme has been named right after the big Virgin Mobile brand like this. Starting with the appearance of Virgin Mobile Supreme, the most attractive point can be nothing else but the super-sized screen. Many believes that 4 or 4.5 inches screen should be enough in all sense but when they really experience the 5” inches screen, they will forget what they felt for the smaller screen one. The only disadvantage of the big screen smartphone for 5 inches and over is you will find it hard to insert into your pocket and when holding it, but when it is time for watching movies, playing games, answering emails, you will be able to know what’s good about it. From the outside, it looks completely luxurious, at the back, the camera look different from other smartphone and we consider it as cool camera. At the front, there are 3 buttons at the bottom, the return, home, and the list button.

The hardware

virgin mobile supreme dimension

virgin mobile supreme dimension and specification

Not only the 5 inches touch screen that pull so much attention from many customers, but Virgin Mobile Supreme or ZTE supreme is having quite a high specification for the users. However, let’s come back to the LCD screen first, the smartphone comes with hard-to-break resistant LCD and so we believe that mistakenly fall from the table and hit the ground won’t get it broken that easily. The strength of this smartphone is not the case, but it is on the glass. Virgin Mobile Supreme is operated and processed by the 1.5GHz Dual Core Processor allows the smartphone users to run multiple application at the same time with smooth operation. What we really impress about the this supreme phone is the 13MP Camera and HD Video Recorder which are a high quality and standard camera coming from ZTE factor while other branded smartphones have got only 10MP and only with VGA quality video recording. For batteries, users can talk on 3G for up to 15 hours, and this might not be too impressive, the standby time when leaving the smartphone right there is about 11.25 days. The internal memories from factory standard is 8GB but it is expandable by the memory card up to 64 GB.

Operating System, Software, and Apps

jelly bean for Virgin Mobile supreme

Virgin Mobile Supreme comes from the factory with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and when it combines together with the 1.5 GHz dual core processor, we can say that, this smartphone is really for graphic and games as well as pictures. Whatever games and applications turned on would be running smoothly. Virgin Mobile Supreme comes with Virgin Mobile Feed that will give the users the non-stop musics through the radio and every Supreme smartphone comes with virgin mobile ID packs as standard app when delivered. Other basic app coming with is such as chrome, Calculator, GPS support, Gmail, Google Play (of course), hangouts, navigation, HAC rating, and more.

Wireless Capability
Nothing much to be excited about the wireless technology since it is the same thing for ZTE and Virgin Mobile Supreme. However, this smartphone covers 3G and 4G LTE network with super fast data transfer. The users can use this smartphone on wifi and also with Bluetooth 4.0

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