Vmware Announces 3 New Promo Code Today

Save 10%-20% OFF

Product: VMware Fusion 5, Workstation 9
Pricing: $49.99 and $249
Website: VMware.com
Promotion: 2013 Promotional Pricing
Reviews: Highest Discount Since Released
Discount Percentage: 10%, 15%, and 20%
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To welcome 2013, VMware has a special offer available only to Stepcoupons.com’s readers! From Monday, January 28th through Sunday, February 3rd we can offer; 15% off VMware Workstation 9 and Workstation 9 Upgrade, 10% VMware Fusion 5 and Fusion 5 Upgrade and 20% Off VMware Fusion 5 Professional. These offering is cannot be completed without the new VMware promo code that has been especially released in this case and there are in total of 3 new codes arrived that customers can use differently. By this, we consider that, it is the first set of code coming directly from VMware.com and we strongly recommend to take opportunity before all of the codes are expired. Read more detail below for better and quicker decision.

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Vmware Workstation 9 Full Version / Upgrade

By this, customers that are looking for discounted price for VMware workstation 9 for both full version and upgrades can never be happier including those that have been waited for so long for the pricing to become more affordable. They can now get 15% off on these 2 purchasing options. What customers and users can get is the traditions of delivering the virtual hardware which is specifically built for professionals that they can use every day. VMware Workstation 9 is now compatible with Windows 8 with open GL support for Linux including web interface.

  • Best in class Windows 8 support
  • Access from almost any device
  • Better 3D graphics

VMware Fusion 5 Full Version / Upgrade

The high price has now gone with the use of new VMware promo code for Fusion 5 for both current customer to upgrade and new customers who have never used before to purchase the full version as well as users that want to switch from Parallel to this software. Mountain Lion, Windows 8, both on Mac are the problem for VMware fusion 5 since the software can run smoothly switching from Apple OS and Windows. In addition to great function and features, VMware Fusion 5 is equipped with extra 70 features that increase performance, the loading speed, better graphic processing, and easier user interface which could leads to more productivity and easy to understand.

  • Optimized for Mountain Lion and Windows 8
  • Approved by the Latest Macs
  • Next Generation Performance
  • New Functionality

VMware Fusion 5 Professional
This professional version for VMware Fusion 5 is its first time launch and thus, there’s no upgrade promotion. The price is higher than the normal version but it contains more functions and features. However, customers that are interested can get 20% off with the new coupon code to experience the unique and great functionality that is suitable for professionals only. VMware Fusion 5 professional allows advanced users and pros to run Windows 8 application on their Mac and thus easier to use for professionals. The professional version has been used in many large corporations and we do recommend for system admin starting to use it today.

  • Features for Businesses
  • Features for Professionals

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