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 VMware Fusion 6  is now released with more than 50 features for the most recent Mac OS and it is also good for Mavericks plus the new windows OS such as the 8.1 and at this time it has come with Vmware promotion. We believe that there are so many Mac users are looking for deals and promotion as well as coupon codes for VMware Fusion 6 to get the best price for their Mac at home and at the office. The VMware Fusion 6 has come with different pricing since there are 2 versions to choose from plus the variety of ways to purchase. VMware Fusion 6, the normal version is price at $69.99 for new customers or who ever have not yet owned the previous version such as the VMware Fusion 5. However, for those who used to purchase Vmware fusion 3 onwards, they can get the upgrade pricing which is about 28% off the full version. Another version of Vmware Fusion 6 is the professional version (called it “pro”) version with the pricing start at $129.99 for full version and $69.99 for upgrade. The same rule applies for customers purchasing upgrade. Same thing as before, VMware Fusion 6 has been released with VMware Workstation 10 (the newest version after the Workstation 9) and at this time Vmware.com has decided to launch the new product “VMware Player Plus 6” along with the famous fusion 6 as well.

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Saved 28% from upgrade
Sep 08, 2013 by Anonymous

no need for the code for me, just follow the link and get discount on upgrade

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Extra Stuff With VMware Fusion 6 Order
  • Customers can get 1 and a half year support after the registration
  • Video tutorial for the starter
  • Hate viruses? The purchase comes with McAfee Antivirus Plus for a year


Installing VMware Fusion 6 Installing VMware Fusion 6

Installing the VMware Fusion 6 After downloading the virtual machine application from VMware.com (however, if you have purchased the box version, insert the disc in the disk drive and let it run), open its disk image in a Finder window (Safari may do this for you) and then double-click the installation file to launch the installer. Follow through the installation process, accepting the license agreement and choosing to install the application on your Mac’s hard drive if the installer offers you a choice.

vmware fusion 6 screen

vmware fusion 6 screen

What is VMware Fusion 6

OS X is a great operating system, but from time to time you may need to use Windows — either running the Windows operating system itself directly on your iMac’s hardware or using a virtual-machine application to run Windows and Windows programs alongside your OS X applications. Both capabilities are useful, but which one is better for you depends on what you need to do with Windows. Running Windows directly on your iMac is best for demanding programs such as games, while using a virtual machine is usually the best choice for business needs.

VMware Fusion 6 is the latest VMware Fusion is similar to VMware Workstation 10 in that it allows users to run multiple operating systems on a single Mac. The user interface has been altered to provide a more Mac-like appearance and allows the end user to run Windows applications on the Mac seamlessly. Here are several features and capabilities of VMware Fusion: Using VMware Converter provides a quick way to import your Windows environment into your Mac without losing application settings or data. VMware Fusion’s Unity feature can run Windows applications as Mac applications. Mirrored folders allow quick access to files on both the Mac and Windows virtual machine. Application sharing allows you to select the Mac or Windows VM to run any file on either platform. AutoProtect allows you to take snapshots on regular intervals to protect against unexpected crashes or updates. VMware Fusion offers multidisplay support. VMware Fusion 6 is a great product for MAC users, as the importation of an existing Windows environment with the accompanying applications is quite easy. This allows users to continue to use their installed base of applications and learn to use and potentially migrate to an all-Mac environment at the user’s pace.

vmware fusion 6 access

vmware fusion 6 access

Installing Windows on Your Mac

Install Windows directly on your iMac. OS X’s Boot Camp feature gives you an easy way to create a separate partition on your hard drive and install Windows on it just like the VMware Fusion 6. You can then boot your iMac into Windows instead of OS X. When you need to return to OS X, you restart your iMac and boot OS X. Dual-booting in this way is like having two separate computers — your OS X iMac and a PC version of your iMac — of which you can run only one at a time.

Install Windows in an application on your iMac. Use virtual machine software to run Windows on top of OS X. The virtual machine application emulates a PC, fooling Windows into thinking it’s running on a real PC. You can then run Windows programs right alongside your Mac applications. To use a virtual machine, you don’t need to change the partition structure of your iMac’s hard drive, and you can easily back up a virtual machine and its contents by backing up the entire file that contains the virtual machine.

Types of Virtual Machine Software

There are three main virtual machine program applications for the Mac: Parallels Desktop for Mac ($80, www.parallels.com). The package includes Acronis disk-imaging software, which you can use to keep a backup of your Windows installation. The chapter-opening figure shows Windows 7 running on Parallels Desktop. VMWare Fusion (www.vmware.com). VMWare Fusion includes highly automated setup routines that take the work out of installing many versions of Windows. VirtualBox (free, www.virtualbox.org). VirtualBox is a free virtual machine application that can run many operating systems. VirtualBox doesn’t offer as many advanced features as Parallels Desktop or VMWare Fusion, but it’s more than adequate for light use. Both Parallels Desktop for Mac and VMWare Fusion have a trial version available for download, so you can try installing Windows and decide which works best for you. Both these applications also let you run an installation of Windows that you’ve installed using Boot Camp as a virtual machine instead.

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