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Comparing all Volusion ecommerce software and hosting plans among the Mini, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. As it seems, Volusion Gold seems to be the finest and the best value plan from all of other plans. Starting with the price that in between the Silver and the Platinum package of $125 per month but it can carry products of up to 10,000 an 25GB of data transfer plus the priority support for 24/7. That’s why Volusion Gold is the most recommended hosting plan from many reviews and website. Unlike the Bigcommerce Gold Plan and Diamond Plan, Volusion Gold offers more variety of capability starting from the number of products allowed, rating and reviews function, abandoned cart reports, facebook and mobile store and so much more. When there are many people interested in the gold plan, they tend to find more discounts on the gold plan to get the best price and thus seek for Volusion coupon codes. However, we have to say that volusion has not been the site that offer that many coupon codes, but there are some discount promotions that might work by follow the page below to check if there’s any discount running at the moment.

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Choosing Volusion Gold Package
Volusion Gold VS Bigcommerce Gold Volusion Gold VS Bigcommerce Gold

At the matter of fact, we can’t really compare the 2 packages from both volusion and bigcommerce because of the different in pricing on the gold package from both brands.  At bigcommerce, of course, there are lower options and special features than those in Volusion and the number of products that a store can carries are so much different Bigcommerce gold package provides the customers with very little function and the ability to carry only 1,000 products, 5GB storages, and abandoned cart saver.  On the other hands, Volusion gold offer 10,000 products to carry, 25GB data transfer, and 16 other store features that are not existed in Bigcommerce.com.   Bigcommerce gold beats the competition by pricing and for those beginner store that they want to just really start for $69.95 per month while Volusion gold stands at $125 per month and it is double the price .  Another different between the 2 companies is the model on how the websites should go, for Bigcommerce, customers can purchase more plugin to modify the store along the way with thousands of developers to accommodate the need while customers need to stick with what volusion give and there are no developers or whatsoever from Volusion side.  Now you can see that there are some huge differences between the 2 hosting and ecommerce company that you need to decide real hard, but read this, if you happen to know about the technical, the modifications, and any website knowledge, we recommend to go for Bigcommerce, but if you just want to sell your products through online with lesser hassle and you need to rely on volusion.  This is what it’s all about.

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Integration with Amazon
Recently, Volusion has just rolled out its latest product update, a highly requested, seamless Amazon Integration. Available to Gold plans and above, this is a great opportunity for the store owner to open wider opportunity in Amazon.com!This latest addition to Volusion software makes it easier than ever for anyone looking to open an online store to get their products in front of millions of shoppers. Here’s what the customers will be getting with the integration.

  • Because Amazon has millions of customer’s based and millions are visiting Amazon.com everyday, the Volusion Gold Plan and above will have their products exposed to these visitors to increase their sales opportunities.
  • Because everything will be done by only using Volusion Software and the integration of the store and amazon will be seamless. It takes a matter of very short time to integrate the current store with the Amazon account.
  • Inventory Tracking is another sweet function from Volusion. The site owner will get full control of inventory monitoring and management. The inventory can be tracked from both Amazon and volusion store at the same time with precise info.
  • Easy to use, the store owner will be able to save a lot of time and work by just searching the amazon catalog from the volusion store to find and match in order to add the new products to Amazon using current products information in the admin panel.
  • Convenient to use and maintain, because the store owner will need to go for Volusion Gold to get Amazon integration feature and the gold package comes with priority support to ensure that every operation runs smoothly on the owner’s end.
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