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You’re probably wonder what creative cloud is, well, simply put, it is the next generation of cloud based software suite with membership service that gives every creative suite desktop applications that you can get new applications such as Adobe Muse , Adobe Edge, and integration with the adobe touch apps. You get the world’s best tool for doing prints, videos, web, HTML 5, mobile content and the applications from Creative Cloud will be laid down on your desktop just like the box version of which you don’t have to purchase individually.

Creative cloud gives you the ability to sync, sort, and share your content with anyone anywhere. There are actually numbers of ways you can do this. You can drag files into creativecloud.com, the creative cloud user interface is going to show you the content of that file. If it is photoshop files, you can actually turn on and off the layer of the image. If it is an Indesign file, you can actually turn it to the different pages. Then you can turn around and share that file with anyone that you want. As a creative cloud member, the users can get up to 20 GB of creative cloud storages of which can store any file type.

Creative Cloud and Mobile

If you’re using Adobe Touch App, you can actually simply sync that content to the creative cloud for your own view for sharing or even for further development on your desktop. You can also use the creative cloud connections, now that allows you to have your own folder on your desktop. Whatever content is in that folder will automatically sync into the creative cloud. As a creative cloud member, you can also have adobe publish with variety of service for instance, you can let adobe publish image of the file in the website using business catalyst and with the type kit service, you can actually add real fonts to your website very easily. You also have the ability to make apps for iOS using the digital publishing suite by taking in Indesign file, add some activities to it, and you can publish it out directly to an iPad using the digital publishing suite.

Be the First to Get Updated

Now, what makes creative cloud really unique is that Adobe wants the creative cloud users to always stay up a step ahead. Because adobe can update the applications to the new one as soon as they are available, for instance, Adobe has just added Adobe Lightroom into the cloud, new Illustrator feature, and some new Muse features. The creative cloud customers can even get Adobe Creative Suite 7 as soon as it comes out. And these are the functions that will only available through creative cloud at Adobe.com with no extra charges.

Great for Designers

Let us tell you, why creative cloud is great for designers or why do you need creative cloud? Creative Cloud includes access to all of the design software like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign as well as new applications like adobe muse. When the designers can log in to creative cloud, go to the application page, and choose what application to download. When the designer download and install the apps and these applications will be laid down on their computer’s hard drive. This means that all applications are not running from the cloud but the designers can still work on all of the applications even though they are offline or without internet connections. This means, all designers can get to the best designer applications with lower cost.

For example, when we are the subscriber to the adobe creative cloud and we install the Photoshop in our computer, we can see the latest photo shop software tool and feature. If we head over to the Adobe Indesign, we will have the ability to use ultimate layout feature, whether it is the print layout that needs to be appeared in the different device or digital publication that needs different design. Adobe Creative Cloud users can create these ultimate layout that allows the user to easily and quickly change the design to simply different format. Now those are some of the best applications from Indesign, but now, let’s talk about news services. The question is, are those designers interested in creating iPad application? Well, creative cloud member get access to the digital publishing suite single edition which let everyone to turn their indesign layout into the iPad applications.

Also check out Adobe Muse in the creative cloud. Muse is the application that the designer dreams of in order to create website without having to write code. And the latest version of Muse also allows the designers to create Smartphone and Tablet version of their websites and these can be done without writing code. Another thing that the subscribers are going to get is the website hosting, membership includes hosting for 5 websites and it is so easy within a few clicks. Now, if we head back to Creative.Adobe.com, the designers will be able to download whichever applications they need to use, but creative cloud members, they can get to download the new application and creative suite as soon as they are available. Instead of having to wait for the next major update on the creative suite applications, the designers can get the feature as soon as they are ready.

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