What’s Your Favorite Ride at Six Flags?

August 14 to August 28

top 3 rides at discovery kingdom

Top 3 Fan Favorite Coasters

Wild twists on Medusa, Classic wooden experience on Roar, Smooth flying on SUPERMAN: Ultimate Flight Six Flags Discovery Kingdom delivers some extreme adventures. We asked our brave riders which coasters they love most, and we found that they get the biggest thrills from the stomach-flipping Medusa, pulse-pounding Roar, and heart-racing SUPERMAN: Ultimate Flight.

Whether you enjoy steep drops, rocket speeds, smooth coasting, or twisted inversions, our guests agree that you’ll experience some of the wildest and most intense coasters at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. Take a look at these top three fan favorites that every coaster enthusiast will enjoy.


  1. Gut-wrenching inversions and dramatic twists on Medusa.  The tallest, fastest, and longest roller coaster in Northern California is truly a fan favorite. With your feet dangling below, you’ll take on wild drops, steep turns, winding twists, and seven inversions, including a one-of-a-kind “Sea Serpent” of back-to-back loops. Matt S. from California says, “No other feelings match the anticipation of entering that first free fall.” Deb W. from Oregon explains, “Medusa was fast, smooth, full of great surprises,” and Kyle S. from Sacramento adds, “Medusa was the perfect combination of speed, height, and thrill.” Jennifer F. from Sonora agrees, “A heart pounding thrill ride with an excellent mix of speed, twists, and spins.” Vanessa S. from Olympia notes, “Hang on for the thrill of your life!”
  2. Smooth soaring and wooden drops on Roar.  The classic wooden coaster delivers an amazing experience. You’ll roar along the track as you soar at 50 miles per hour through a 10-story daring drop, six reversals, 22 crossovers, a darkened tunnel, and a 180-degree spiraling drop. Alex J. from San Jose says, “Very smooth with several unexpected lifts.” Kurt B. from California admits, “A solid wooden coaster completes a park experience. You don’t always need to get inverted to get an over-the-top adrenaline rush. Roar has plenty of horsepower.” Jenna B. from Sacramento tells us, “Roar is fast and intense!” Michael I. from California adds, “The classics are always great and never get old,” and Dalia O. from Pittsburg agrees, “You think old school, but it has a new school feel.”
  3. Fierce speeds and blood-pumping flips on SUPERMAN: Ultimate Flight. At 15 stories high, this beast certainly stands out at the park. Adventurers crave the one-of-a-kind launch coaster featuring two upside-down twists, two vertical rolls, and one of the tallest inversions in the world at 62 miles per hour. Aaron M. from California describes, “SUPERMAN: Ultimate Flight is a super-fast, heart-pounding thrill ride that will leave you breathless.” Grace E. from San Francisco says, “It was like flying.” Jacob S. from Manteca shares, “Loved hanging upside down!” Luis A. from California adds, “The ride of your life,” and Angelique B. from Sacramento explains, “So high it felt as if we were in the clouds.” Christa M. from Vallejo says, “Takes your breath away and as soon as you get off, you will want to ride again.”

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