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It is finally here, Microsoft has announced the new windows operating system version 8 that will change the world and we have them here with the promotion from in order for customers to save huge from download. It is Windows 8 Genuine software version that can be purchased from the website which is even cheaper than buying it from The price in purchasing at is extraordinary because beside the lower price than is available in, the customers can also use iYsoft coupon codes to get extra discount on their software purchase. The customers can use the discount coupon code for Windows 8 and take $20 off from $200. However, before going to use the coupon code, let’s start to look at how much Windows 8 for 32 and 64 bit are sold at the website. provides the cheapest price of Windows 8 Pro download


Get Your Cheapest Windows 8 (25% OFF)

Getting Windows 8 Pro and Standard cost you $39.99 (25% more than getting it at

The price for Windows 8 at is very cheap when compare to buying from other website in this case. If they are buying directly from Windows website, the price is at $39.99, on the other hand, buying it from, the customers can only pay for $29.99 plus the chance to shop for other software. However, buying Windows 8 from provides the customers the option to get the box shipment for $69.99 for Windows 8 Pro. For those who choose to purchase Windows 8 by download, we do recommend to get it from

Windows 8 Version

There are several versions of Windows 8 that customers should take note, and this information below have been obtained directly from with accurate information. We can conclude that, there are 3 versions of Windows 8 available for 32 and 64 bit per information below.

(***Information obtained from, at
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Windows 8 Licenses

There are 3 major types of the new Windows 8 OS excluded from Microsoft Office 2013, of which each type has its different use and purpose of using. The first one is the bulky licensing, by this type, it is very much appropriate for the large organizations who are having more than 5 PCs to install. The company will then have the right to get the free upgrade along the way when there’s any upgrade available from Microsoft. However, the upgrade rights will only remain for 1 year as the subscription option and if the company doesn’t wish to renew them, the rights will be gone after the year. For this volume licensing, this works the same as many large software developer companies such as Adobe Volume Licensing, however, there has been no extra discount promotions for those who choose this option.

Another type is the single user license or we call them as OEM. This version is the cheapest option of all which has exactly the same feature as the volume licensing but the cheap cost comes with some points that should be noted. That is the single user license, once installed in any computer, the license cannot be transferred to a different unit. Of course, 1 user license means it can be used for only one computer, however, users can upgrade from 32bits to 64bits right after.

The last type of Windows 8 version is the boxed version that comes with Windows 8 32 and 64 bit. By this, the software can be installed in any computer and they can be uninstalled to be used in another one, just in case the old computer is no longer working. The box version is more expensive than the download or single user license but it is good to have the box with because the users can install and uninstall anytime they want.

About Microsoft Windows 8

After Microsoft had released Windows 8 the preview version for everyone to test and they have received huge positive feedbacks from the current Microsoft users because there have been major developments on the user interface as well as the speed which has never been better comparing to Windows 7. This has made quite a booming news as well as creating huge demand for the new Windows 8 version and that’s why we would like to offer everyone with some knowledge and information for Windows 8 today

For only a few years after the booming of the tablet and smartphone market and the rapidly growing of Macintosh users, we have never questioned ourselves about what should be the future of PC or windows software and it seems to be a stop in the development. Even though there has been a huge increase in Mac users, but Microsoft software and computers and laptop that are powered by windows operating system have still been used in many large organizations since from the past because people are getting used to the system itself and it takes huge effort to migrate the entire system to the new one. Microsoft knows the movement of the market very precisely and thus they released the windows phone version and so letting the users feel familiar with the user interface and then release the new windows version which is call Windows 8 user interface later. The new phone that has used Windows 8 operating systems are such as Nokia and LG which can be found in Verizon Wireless.

What Microsoft has been trying to develop for Windows 8 for user interface is the start button which will allow the uses to point the cursors to the applications that they wish to use. Users are also having options to also use the hot key to find the applications that they want. The effectiveness in finding icons and applications on Windows 8 has been really great. Windows 8 could be seen as the new user interface and it opens the new world and dimension of how people in the office or at home which is much different

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