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Microsoft, building on the innovative features in Windows Phone 7, announced Windows Phone 8, grand opening at the same time as Microsoft Windows 8, their next generation smartphone mobile operating system (OS), in June 2012. New, cool features that are standard for Windows Phone 8 Smartphones include an updated Start screen with an improved version of the popular Live Tiles, Near Field Technology (NFC) with Microsoft’s Wallet Hub app for mobile shopping, and the ability to take smartphone screen shots. Now this hot new technology is available at Wirefly!  Shop Windows Phones 8 Smartphones for Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile at Special Wirefly Prices + FREE Shipping! Shop Now through November 28th for T-Mobile devices and receive a $35Activation Fee Credit for New and Add-a-lines Only! Don’t miss out on these hot new devices at Wirefly. However, as another option, customers can shop Windows 8 Phone directly at Verizon Wireless.

HTC Windows 8 Phone (Verizon + T-mobile)
The new windows 8 phone is called 8X phone by HTC that has an interesting feature starting from the screen itself with LCD touch screen. The glass cover on the screen is the Gorilla Glass with super light weight. The benefit of having this Gorilla Glass is that it reduces the reflections and glare. Taking photos and videos with Windows 8 Phone by HTC is packed with super quality that is very hard to find. Starting from the1080p video capture of which is most suitable for Microsoft chatting live application (powered by skype), the phone is very easy to make it personal or personalization function.

Nokia Lumia 822 (Verizon Wirless Only)
Lumia 822 is of course Windows 8 phone with full function and the completely different point of view and perspective that you will never find in the same Nokia phone. It looks pretty much like 4G LTE Smartphone. Lumia 822 comes with of course touch screen. The front camera comes with 1.2 Mpixel quality making it possible to talk and see face clearer with sharper video quality. Lumia is powered by free built-in Nokia Music and Mix Radio apps and the users are allowed to download more games, videos, and much more entertainment from Windows.

Nokia Lumia 810 ( T-mobile Only )
The customizable tile has become the most interesting feature in Nokia Lumia 810. Everyone will love the post paid plan from T-mobile and they will also love the customization feature from this phone. Another feature of Lumia 810 is that, comes with Built-in People Hub pulling social feeds from your friends in only one app and there will be no more using more than one making it easier to stay in touch with the social knowing what people are doing in one application. One of our favorite application is the on-the-growth Office Hub’s built in mobile versions of Word, Excel, and OneNote, NFC, and Outlook mobile that will increase the working productivity and much more.

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