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Windows Azure coupon is the most wanted for those who are seeking Microsoft’s online platform which is the latest technology especially for those software developers. Windows Azure has been released during 2012 that offer the developers the highest cost effective model pricing based on users need. However, for serious developers, they would usually choose higher specifications on website such as SQL database, Virtual machine, mobile services, cloud services, data management, and more that might end up with higher cost in subscription per year. That’s why they have been looking for Windows Azure coupon codes or any online promotional codes from Microsoft and other coupon sites to reduce their subscription and price. However, before getting to know more about Windows Azure discount coupon, the developers need to make sure they understand what is Windows Azure from Microsoft, what do they need Windows Azure for and other detailed information that we’re going to talk about in this article.

Coupon & Discount

Even though Microsoft would announce the new low price for Windows Azure each year and for the last year it was 28% off. During 2012 when Windows Azure was getting really hot, the price was being reduced in March 2012 for 12% and at the end of the year for another 28% off. However, ther is just another way to receive better discount and this is by using Windows Azure coupon codes or promotional discount code. The first Windows Azure coupon codes were found in the beginning of 2012 and there have been various codes available to use. We have to say that even though there are so many codes available out there but the many of them have also been expired. What the coupon codes could activate for the customers are such as to get free windows Azure Platform pass, get cloud for 30 days for free, get free account, the latest promotion is to get Microsoft WINDOWS AZURE FREE for 90 DAYS and more. Customers can always reveal the code below for more information



What is Windows Azure?

how windows azure works

It is the online platform from Microsoft designed to write online program and provide space for consumers to store large databases in the internet. Looking at Windows Azure and its system, at this time, Microsoft offers the solution for all type of needs for consumers and developer with full throttle. Even though Microsoft is considered one of the largest player in cloud computing which is also considered the new direction and option as the “distance database” or “remote database” provider. However, Microsoft had released this concept later than of which the company had offered the online database storage for a long time ago. The same way as google, as we can see that google has been providing many online application or online software such as google document, google calendar, google plus, and many more many years back.
Microsoft has released Azure Services Platform for the first time since the late 2008 and at that time, the company claimed to offer consumers with cloud computing in the sense of application software developer by on-demand. The function of Azure Service Platform at that time was to offer the consumer with cloud computing and cloud storage along the way to the tools in developing application of which include Windows Azure that were packed with Net Service, SQL services, and live services. From all that we have mentioned, every system will be working together in the DATA CENTER which is reliable plus high security, expandable and thus the most reliable system at that time.

Besides Windows Azure, there is also another giant in cloud computing system such as IBM that was just launched cloud computing system which called “Smart Analytics Cloud”. IBM claimed that its smart analytic cloud is the largest cloud computing system based at this moment.

Why Do We Need Azure?

windows azure virtual machine

Azure means the sky is blue or the blue sky when the sky is clear starting of winter season. Consumers can notice that every Windows Azure and related logo are all in blue color. Since from the start when the concept of Windows Azure was not known widely, many people had though about Windows Azure in different views, some said Windows Azure is the new operating system from Microsoft, some said it is the cloud service which works pretty much like google application engines or amazon cloud, some had said that it is only Microsoft data center, some said it is interoperable environment, some said it is the new technology in respond to the need of software plus service such as office live and more, and some used to say it is the SOA runtime environment such as web services soap, REST, HTTP, or workflow. The question is, why do we need Windows Azure when we have other service to choose from? Well, it depends on individual judgment but we can provide the readers all the functions that they can say wow when they know about them.
Azure Service

  • It is the computing service that process the programs that the user uploaded to Windows Azure
  • It has 3 different storages to choose to use, Queue, Blob, and Table

.NET Services

  • Work Flow Runtime to be used to process work flow that was being developed with.NET
  • Access control to spec the users by using electronic card that was being installed in the computer
  • Services bus to call in every resources through services bus with third party website services that publish web services on Azure Hosting

SQL Services

  • The ability to create query user’s information which his pretty much like MS SQL Server
  • Distributed RDBMS to accommodate billions of records and storages and prevent the overload by the ability to spread the load.

Windows Azure assure the user that the applications will be running even though the database will be getting larger every day, this function is called scalable. Windows Azure also guarantees that the system will still be running even though there are natural disasters happen such as earthquake at the data center. The sweet point of Windows Azure is that, the cost is lower for infrastructure building comparing to making one’s own data center. The pricing model from Windows Azure is not to pay for all but to pay for what the user would use. Furthermore, Windows Azure can be used with VS.NET, Windows Desktop, Windows Mobile and more.

windows azure platform

Why Windows Azure is Cool?

  • Update and migration on other service will cause server downtime, but for Windows Azure, it is ZERO downtime
  • There’s an add on available for VS.NET 2008 which facilitate the users and only one click to publish
  • OSA every-where is the major function when connecting with Azure wirelessly because using Windows Azure, the users will be using it from Web Services with soap and rest type
  • The users will be able to use other platform in order to develop the software on Windows Azure such as Eclipse, Java, Ruby, and Python.

More about Windows Azure

Windows Azure which is Microsoft’s offering for website hosting, virtual machines, cloud services, mobile, data and media storage in the cloud. Get started for free and scale up as your traffic grows. Windows Azure enables you to quickly build, deploy and manage applications across a global network of Microsoft-managed datacenters. You can build applications using any operating system, language or tool

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