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Many of the Dieticians of Canada use a food security continuum designed by Wise Food, but there are other models out there. I like this model because we can take it and bring it down to household size. Here’s the broad model used by dieticians and some food security councils to help bring security to communities.

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  • stage 1: short-term food supplies.  These actions provide immediate and temporary relief to hunger and food issues. These activities are often completed with little or no involvement from those experiencing food insecurity. (Examples: Food banks, soup kitchens.)
  • stage 2: capacity building These actions are often more costly in terms of time and manpower and require commitment from those experiencing food insecurity, but are steps to empowering those experiencing food insecurity. (Examples: community kitchens, community gardens, food buying clubs.)
  • stage 3: Redesign Redesign actions are broader in scope and require a long-term commitment from representatives of the entire food system, including in particular, those marginalized by the system. As such, redesign actions are often the most costly, time consuming and difficult to mobilize communities to pursue. Redesign actions focus on addressing problems thought to be underlying food security. This is often thought of as working “upstream” to create system change. (Examples: food policy, social advocacy to address poverty.)

These strategies are all great and our government is working hard to make these work. These “stages” made me wonder how the householder could convert them for use, depending on whether they were looking at income shortfalls or preparing for a rainy day. Based on the food security model developed by governments, here are a few stages I developed with the householder in mind.

The happening and the emerging of natural disasters have been rapidly increased more across the world during the past 50 years. Roughly, the economic and financial damages from natural disasters have also increased. On the other hands, the summary and the result of natural disasters has improved, these upward trends are due primarily to a documented rise in the number and intensity of climactic disasters, and to an increase in the concentration of people and physical assets in areas more exposed to disasters. The only thing we can prepare for is the basic elements of living which are shelters, clothes, medications, and food with water supply. Emergency Food safety is a matter that affects anyone who eats food. Whether or not a person actively thinks about food storage before the natural disaster occurs. A host of other people have thought about the emergency of that food, from farmers to scientists to company presidents to federal government officials and for civilians. This article serves as a broad introduction to food supplies in emergency situation and the concerns facing those who need with food. After defining safe food and emergency food supplies, we can examines the various packages, brands, and types of food supplies, available in the online store:

Whether it’s being too broke to buy a good meal, sitting out an unexpected snowstorm, or waiting out a human-created calamity like a trucking strike, many of us will have to face restricted access to food at some point in our lives. As we know, having our safe, familiar world pulled out of shape can cause distress to body and mind. Being prepared and capable allows us to push through trouble with a smaller amount of real distress, to recover faster from short-term emergencies, and to adapt to permanent change more readily. Our culture is loaded down with fear as it is, encouraged, as we are to buy more insurance, get home alarm systems and to be afraid of strangers, fraud, and funny looking emails. The wild advantage to being food-secure is that it will actually make our world a better, safer place. More people buying locally, means fewer dirty trucks on our overloaded roads, and more small farmers getting encouragement and support so that they can take risks and increase capacity. Buying organically translates to fewer pesticides not only in our bodies, but in the bees and butterflies, creeks and rivers as well. Buying in bulk and knowing how to store food reduces trips to the store — and fewer car trips means less fossil fuel used, as well as having more time to do good things in our world. If we have lots of food put away we can look after ourselves in a fix and the attention of emergency crews can be directed to those who absolutely cannot help themselves. Our own independence makes us more capable of giving to and helping others. Being food secure means we have skills that we can pass on, creating

The basis for the food storages the juncture of two separate trends: (1) All countries face increased risk from a full range of known and previously lack of food storages; and (2) disaster consequences are having greater adverse effects on security and long term food storages. To the degree that they are able to, governments pass legislation and take action to prepare for and mitigate the effects of these natural, technological, and intentional hazards. Despite even the best efforts, however, the fury of nature or the folly of man regularly results in disastrous events that overwhelm not only local response capacities but also the response capacities of entire nations or even entire regions. When this happens, the full range of players from the international community is called on to intervene, requiring international disaster management.