Yola Gold 2013 Resolution Sales

yola new year 2013 resolution sales

It is pretty quick when we say we’re now at the end of January 2013 because it feels just like Christmas has just passed us and the fun feeling isn’t over just yet. Many people had taken advantage of the promotion from various stores and they believe that it has already over but we have to argue with that because there’s just one store that sent us the resolution sales promotion. Yola.com today has submitted stepcoupons.com and other online coupon code site the news that it will continue with its latest sales promotion that is 15% off 1 year Yola gold . Now, if this isn’t interesting, we have a calculations for the readers to see how worthy this new Yola Promotional Code is:

  • The Yola Gold subscription price is for $19.95 per month and this means that, customers have to handle monthly fees or pay by 1 year straight
  • When it is $19.95 per month, the price per one year is $239.40 or we can say $240 per year or per 12 months
  • Once the coupon code is applied to the order, it will become $204 per year
  • This means customers can take about $36 off the order!

This year 2013 is going to be a very high competition year for all website owner and we can say that knowing how to build website wouldn’t be enough to get into the market. From all the package in Yola.com, we do recommend gold package because Yola.com will also help the customers to walk through the important step in SEO with provided tools for them in order to get in google ranking to reach new customers in the area. In Yola Gold, the site owners can also optimize their mobile search traffic because Yola also provide them with Yola mobile optimized website plus other services such as domain name pointing, free google adwords credit and more. However, if you’re still not interested in this promotion, here comes more.

  1. Get a mobile optimized website, access to premium website templates, Facebook publishing, hosting + more with Yola Silver (less than $10/month)
  2. Host your site with Yola Bronze for just $4.95 a month and receive free advertising credit
  3. Purchase your domain at Yola.com for as low as $11.95 a year
  4. Let a professional design and build your website + get access to premium website templates, mobile & Facebook publishing, hosting and more with Yola Premier


When it comes to review on Yola Gold discount promotion for yearly subscription, we still believe that the discount is too low and not as attractive as last year. This is because, during 2012, yola.com used to announce the 20% discount on Yola Gold on Halloween which is understandable that it is a special date. We see this as a still low discount figure and if this is to be more attractive, yola should offer discount in dollars for each moth as coupon code such as from $19.95, they should offer $15 per month for 1 year to be attractive, or if they could, offer 2 years promotion for long term contract and double the discount when customers pay for 2 years in the roll. However, for other service such as Yola Bronze and Yola Silver, they are all great since the price is very much affordable at the moment.

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