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Cost and risk of low battery is the significant concern of the gadget users particularly when traveling ZAGGSparq is from the maker of the invisibleshield has now developed an exciting solution to that problem by developing the convenience size charger and portable ZAGGSparq and no one will have ever again worry about the low battery. ZAGGSparq can simultaneously charge multiple devices and charge itself on the go and that’s why people are now actively looking for ZAGGSparq in different series such as ZAGGSparq 2.0, ZAGGSparq 1220, ZAGGSparq 3100, and the biggest series ZAGGSparq 6000 that can cover up to 4 charges. These chargers in different series are already affordable to customers and they can determine it by the number of charges, however, customers know that there’re ways for them to shop at save more for ZAGGSparq using ZAGGSparq coupon code or discount code.

ZAGGSparq coupon code is known by that customers used to purchase ZAGG or invisible shield skin and cases for themselves and they expect that ZAGG should provide ifrogz Coupon Code for ZAGGSparq in different series as well. Of course there are some codes for ZAGGSparq and sometimes they don’t! It means that, there are many times that ZAGGSparq is on sales with huge discount up to 50% off and doesn’t require the use of ZAGGSparq coupon code to activate discount. However, customers can find out more from the link below to see if there’s any code for them to use.



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Our lives are built around with electronic devices and those devices are built around their power and batteries. If the battery is empty your device will also be empty and when you device is empty, you life is also empty! That’s why today we see the new changes in the mobile and cell phone industry because Zagg is bringing everyone with the ZAGGSparq, the portable battery that will charge your device to its full state as well as your life. More than just the extended battery, ZAGGSparq carries multiple charges for any personal and electronic devices including up to 4 full recharge no matter it is a huge device like an iPad that stays hungry all the time or add 5-6 hours of additional video playback for an iPad. ZAGGSparq is the perfect size for traveler and business people because it can fit in easily into the pocket or bag. ZAGGSparq comes with 2 USB charging port allowing the users to charge multiple devices at the same time (unlike other portable automatic charger that allows only one device to be charged at one time).

When we talk about the engineering of ZAGGSparq. The device is also be doing great job as well because it comes with superior engineering and specifically engineered to work with most USB charge devices including cell phones, handheld gaming systems, and digital camera. The top USB charging point is also optimized for smart charging such as a person might want to go for an optimized charging program that the devices will be charged at the optimum level, or the users can also be using the general charging for Apple iPhone, iPad, and other android devices. Now, there are 3 popular series for ZAGGSparq today which are ZAGGSparq 1220, ZAGGSparq 3100, and ZAGGSparq 6000 to choose from and the different from each of them is only the number of charges or the capacity that ZAGGSparq can hold.

  • ZAGGSparq 1220 – it is the wall adapter or portable battery. The ZAGGSparq 1220 is packed with one additional charge for your device, portable battery that doubles as a wall charger. ZAGGSparq 1220 is capable for all smartphones including iPhone and Android phones. The design is also excellent because ZAGGSparq 1220 is a stylish , ergonomic because it is being designed to fit great in the palm of hand. Now, how to know if the battery is still good for more? ZAGGSparq has the LEDs show power levels and charging indicator. It is the portable battery that doubles as a wall charger.
  • ZAGGSparq 3100 – ZAGGSparq 3100 is packed with 2 additional charges for any devices, portable battery that doubles as a wall charger of which requires no other wires to use in charging. It can start to charge all smartphone and other electronic devices including tablets. The design of ZAGGSparq 3100 is awesome because when it is capable for 2 additional charges, the size of it is fit great in the palm of hand.
  • ZAGGSparq 6000 – ZAGGSparq 6000 is the largest in its series for wall adaptor or portable battery because ZAGGSparq 6000 is packed with 4 additional charges for all devices. This ZAGGSparq 6000 is our top pick because the price different from the 3100 and 6000 series is only less than $10 USD away but the capacity in charging is double. The size of ZAGGSparq 6000 is a bit different from the 1220 and 3100 but it is still fit in the palm of hand.

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